Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Wooo where to start. A lot has happened in the last 6 months. Holy mackerel I can't even put it all into one thought. What I have come to realize however is that it all really did happen the way it was supposed to.
Biggest change, N is getting out of the military. The opportunity presented itself and we couldn't pass it up. Honestly, I have wanted this since we got pregnant. Knowing that we were going to have a baby and that my whole family was living in the same place (with my two nieces) the last thing I wanted to do was move far away and continue to move for the next 15 years.
So here we are. His last day is mid-July and we are moving to where my family is in 3 weeks. Amazing, terrifying, overwhelming, exciting. We are going to be buying a house and N is going to apply to become a cop, something he's always wanted to do.
So wish us luck, say a prayer, cross your finger, we need it all!
Here's to the next chapter of our lives, one I can't wait to start!

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